Friday, October 19, 2007

What I hate...

People, especially those in SUVs and large trucks, who tailgate. Today it happened on a side street with a series of speed bumps, so sorry for going 15 miles an hour, but there wasn't much choice. At least it wasn't as dangerous as when people do this on the freeway.

I have a cold. Not much to say about that. It'll go away eventually and in the meantime I have a lot of Netflix to keep me occupied.

I got results back from my 7 vials of blood. It showed nothing much is happening...well, the C Reactive Protein is elevated which just proves there is some sort of inflammatory process going on. There's apparently not much to do, except like Cody to pray. Pray and take care of myself, of course.

S has been giving me pep talks. He reminds me to focus on the possitive and the most likely thing is that my body is going to heal itself. So I'm going to focus on that...the idea that my immune system has taken some heavy fire and is just needing to reset itself. So prayer and possitive thinking.

P.S. I also hate that it "takes an act of Congress" to prescribe Marinol, an FDA approved medication to stimulate appetite. Really, people, if it's approved by the FDA this shouldn't be an issue. It's not like you are giving it out to people for recreational use.


shorty said...

We just discussed Marinol in class this week, I can't believe that it's $1800! Who can afford that, when an ounce of marijuana is a lot less. ; )

Get well soon!

Aravis said...

I'll send some prayers and positive thoughts your way as well. :0)