Friday, November 30, 2007

Fatal flaw

So the excision went fine. The pain has been not bad. The doctor gave me some Vicodin. I've taken a half a tab and remember now why I've never been impressed with Vicodin. It never really gets at the pain for me. It just makes me feel like I couldn't care. And it makes me really sleepy, and apparently, makes it more challenging to type. So, yeah, I think I'll just keep to the extra strength Tylenol once it wears off, unless I have trouble sleeping.

The doctor was pretty nervous that I would faint, I think. He made me read a magazine while he was cutting and appeared concerned when I saw the blood soaked gauze. It's not that I'm immune to blood, but considering that I work in a dialysis facility and sometimes you see people bleeding, it would take more blood than that to make me feel wooshy.

The bandage he put on my toe is humungous. Seriously. My toe seems to extend a good 2 inches from the top of my foot. This ought to be great fodder for my therapy clients tomorrow.

I was very excited to receive my mail today. I not only received my new (and very cheap) MP3 player, but also a CD for this year's Shuffleathon. It was a very cool combination to get all in one day. I've given a listen through to the CD already and the first impression is a good one. I'll be giving it another few listens before I put up my review, though, so you all have to be patient.

The MP3 is another story. I'm excited about it, yes, but I completely forgot as I was ordering it that I would need to be able to use the CD drive to install the driver for the player. Bad CD player on my computer has all but given up the ghost. It tries (I can hear the motor whirring) to open when I ask it too, but it just can't seem to do it...even when I try to help it. I even broke a pen this afternoon trying to pry the damn thing open manually. I'm going to have to, when I no longer have toe issues, open up the case of the computer and see if there is a way I can put the CD in or help it along that way.

Why don't I buy a new computer (or a used one from a friend, such as that offered me by BeeDragon recently), you may ask? Because, as S has so carefully pointed out, I have no money, especially in light of a little vacation filled with surfing lessons and scuba diving that I plan to take to Oahu in May. It sucks, but he's right...and I'd much rather not go into further debt. So open the case I will, in a few days.

There's not much more to say. SS drove me this morning and we had a wonderful time talking. S came by last night, then again this morning once I was home and gave me lot's of TLC. There are movies to watch, books and magazines to read, dinner to pop in the oven, and a lovely new compilation CD to listen to (and add to my collection of things I listen to at work in order to get my charting done!). Except for a certain CD drive, it's all good. And, really, that's not the Vicodin talking.


Aravis said...

Glad to hear that it went well. Enjoy that cd!

Hyde said...

I love good mail days! They almost make up for bad hair days...