Sunday, December 02, 2007

Good Sex

One of my favorite romance writers from back in the day was Pamela Morsi. She wrote these really quirky stories about really quirky characters and the sex was always very well done. Almost 10 years ago, she stopped writing romances. She switched to contemporary women's novels. There is some romance in them, but it just wasn't the same and they just didn't hold my interest.

Friday, with lot's of time on my hands, I searched her out on the web. She's still writing contemporary women's novels, much to my dismay. But she had a website with a form to contact her, so I asked her why she had stopped and would she ever return.

Her response came yesterday. It seems that about 10 years ago, the market began to change. Publishers pulled the contracts on all but their most staunchly bestselling historical romance writers, and many, many began writing romantic suspense or contemporary romance. Pam wrote that neither of these niches really spoke to her, so she found a niche that did.

Her publishers attributed the shift in the number of people who would go to half-priced books or amazon and buy used copies. It's true that there was an increase in the number of people who did this, but those of us who are die-hard readers have probably been frequenting used bookstores forever. But you don't ever wait for your favorite author to come out at used bookstore or show up at Costco.

Anyway, she will not be writing historical romances again, most likely, and I find this quite sad. I really enjoyed her and remembered that, in a genre that can feel formulaic rather quickly, she was always a fresh voice.

On a tangent, but still appropriate to the title of this post, S is really good at sex. I've heard some people say that geeks are really good at sex because they bring the same kind of focus to sex that they bring to everything else. I think that this is true of him, but I also would say that geeks (including S) are an incredibly creative group. They are not worried about conventions that say you should do something one way, they look at a "problem" and try to think out of the box.

S brings to bear his creativity, his patience, his ability to stay present, his desire to affect his partner and his sheer enjoyment of the act all to the table, as it were. He's lovely!

Now, on a tangent not at all related to the title. A couple of weeks ago, I started work on a letter of introduction to my private practice to send out to doctors in the area. I'm not sure that I was all that hopeful that it would result in anything, but I was feeling a bit down about the lack of growth in my practice and that I've been unable to do anything with it recently. So this was quick and easy to do and I did it.

Well, this week, I got a referral from a doctor. Better yet, it's a full fee referral. The first I will have in my practice. I'm really excited and pleased at such a quick response. This one client, even if I see them only once, will pay for the cost of the mailing with a little left over. What a wonderful result! I would have jumped up and down for joy, but I'd just had my toe cut up that day. So I'll do that later.

That's doing just fine by the way. SS is going to come by this afternoon and help me to change the dressing the first time, since that kind of wigs me out. I'm sure that it will be fine, but I'm glad to have a friend who's an RN who will come and help me. She's also bringing me her crutches, since any pressure on the toe right now is painful, and walking while not putting pressure on the big toe makes my foot really sore.

Even farther from the topic: if you haven't seen the movie Surf's Up then put it in your Netflix queue today! It's a cute little movie and a bit predictable, but really how can you go wrong with a penguin surfer flick that has 2 different tracks from Green Day in it?


Hyde said...

I'm so excited for you about your client!! My sister is a therapist too, one trying to build a private practice, so I can appreciate how it can be daunting. It's great that you took an action and now you've got the result you were looking for. And as for the rest, enjoy S!


Aravis said...

Congratulations on the good sex, the good friends, and the good client.

Excellent news!