Monday, December 03, 2007

Surf and turf

So, as I'm sure you know, I spent most of my weekend lying about (or sitting about). Today is the longest I've had my foot not elevated for several days.

S, SS & I did go out for a holiday concert presentation by the East Bay Symphony (and other choirs...and a zydeco band) called Break Bread Together. It was lovely and fun. We got to sing-along to the Halelujah Chorus. We then headed out for dinner at the lovely Jack's Bistro in Jack London Square. In honor of that visit, we have another installment of "Food as I Know It."

I arrived at the restaurant first, as S insisted that I be dropped off at the front door rather than take a half an hour to hobble from the parking garage. I was greeted promptly by the host at the front door...a good thing because the "bistro" area of Jack's is in the front, and on Sundays it's quite empty and dark. Friday and Saturday nights, it's been known to host jazz or other live music and draw quite a crowd for drinks and music.

I was seated at a round booth and waited for the rest of my part to arrive. I had plenty of time to appreciate the aroma of the woodfire in which they rotisserie their chicken and bake their pizza. It definitely made me hungry.

S & SS soon arrived and we worked out our meal. We often get 2 or 3 entrees and a salad to split. We were all hungry, so it was a 3 entree night: rotisserie chicken, New York strip steak, & salmon, along with a salmon and a small plate of mozarella with beets and tomatoes and a salad.

Bread service was quite prompt and the waiter did not blink at the way in which we ordered (S orders for all of us and doesn't indicate who will get what, it sometimes disturbs the waitstaff). Our salad was a mixed green, and it came at the same time as the moz small plate. Both were nummy, but I was a bit disappointed to find that the same vinaigrette was used for both. I don't know why...I just was.

I started out with the rotisserie chicken. It was served with a lovely garlic mashed potato and nummy, nummy green beans. It was so good. I was almost disappointed to switch plates, but the steak was also very good. What made it stand out was a side-serving of roquefort sauce that was good for dipping both the steak and the fries that accompanied it. They also served a spinach side, but I wasn't too impressed...mostly because I like other greens better than spinach. The salmon I did not try....but I'll take the fact that S & SS consumed most of it as a sign that it was excellent (after those salmon pills last week, I've been reluctant to eat fish). It was served with a roasted finger potato and vegetable melange. That was both sweet and salty, but not as good as the green beans with the chicken.

No desert was had and we don't generally drink, so I can't really comment on those aspects.

Overall, it was all good. The service was a bit slower than I would have liked, but I was wanting to get home to soak the bandage off my foot, so I was feeling rushed.

The one critical comment I have about this restaurant is that it is pricey. I feel as though it is good, but that because of the location they charge more than they should. The food is basic, if nummy, but nothing unconventional or really spectacular.

Still if you are in the neighborhood and you can't get into Yoshi's for some of the better Japanese in the East Bay, then this is not a bad second or third choice (The Fat Lady is probably the best 2nd, but again, hard to get into).

We went home afterwards and SS stayed with me to lend her nursing expertise to help with dressing change. I'll spare you the gorey details except that I found that another half tab of Vicodin was in order and this time it seemed to be helpful. Oh, and the whole thing took 2 hours what with the soaking and all.

That was the worse. This afternoon, I find myself resting my newly bandaged two lightly against the floor without excruciating pain. I think this be progress!


Hyde said...

Does S pick the three dishes, or do you each pick one? Also-- where does "nummy" come from?

I wish I had read your blog for longer before I was in San Francisco a few years ago. Taking up the recommendations would have been fun!


spinsterwitch said...

I don't know where nummy comes from...I've always used it, I think.

Sometimes S picks, sometimes we each pick, on this night S picked several options and asked our opinions.