Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fun with scanners

So I'm at home and it's before the post-dinner walk. Mom has a scanner and all the old pictures from my childhood. I scanned a bunch in. They've turned sort of strange on me and I don't know enough about scanners/photoshop to make them look right. Besides, they are kinda cool this way!

Here's a baby picture of me. It's one of the few that exist. They went overboard with baby pictures with Sister and I guess they burned out. It obviously wasn't because I was an ugly baby.

I love this picture and I remember the experience of sitting on my dad's stomach at the beach. He hates it. I'm glad he doesn't read the blog!

I just love this picture...I'm such a cutie here.

I had been frightened of the animals in the zoo we were at. My parents' left me with my grandmother. Nowadays, I report things like this - my grandmother abused my father and his sisters and should never have had oversight of another child. She never abused me, though. I just remember her hugs, and in this situation I remember feeling safe with her.

Here I am on my "Golden" birthday (the age that corresponds with the day of your birth). I'm surrounded by gifts!

My neighbor and best friend (well really only through convenience since she wasn't always friendly) swimming in her kiddie pool. Proof that MN gets hot in the summer!

I was in a tap performance when I was in kindegarten. I loved the shoes we used and making noise as we danced. I'm the one on the left end.

This is a huge jump forward, but I love this picture of me from high school. The sad part is that I thought I was fat back then. Ha!

Okay, I think it's time to put on my jacket and take Jesse for another walk.


Hyde said...

You are such a cute kid!! :)

Aravis said...

I love these photos! Thank-you for sharing this glimpse into your history.