Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shameless self-promotion

Over at Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels there is a contest. The contest rules are here. It is especially usefull to go there to see the pictures of couples we are supposed to be writing about.

The entries are here. I submitted an entry (#7 for those who don't know my given name) and I would be honored and thrilled if you would go and vote for me. I suppose you could vote for another entry, too. I voted for myself and another contestant, after all.

Let's just all be thankful that Nora Roberts didn't enter.

Oh, and voting ends Friday around 4 p.m. Pacific time or a little later.

I'll win a book...

No, really, go vote now.

Addendum: All the links seem to lead to the blog, in general, and not the seperate posts, so to see the pics in the contest rules, you should scroll down to Wednesday, November 7th's entries and you will find it there. Bless! Now vote, I tell thee!

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Cody Bones said...

Taken care of. I'm so glad your feeling better as well. Go Spins