Saturday, November 10, 2007

Unbearable lightness of being

That title isn't quite right, but it's been drifting about my head the past couple of days. I think I've mentioned that I stopped my antidepressants last week. I'd cut my dose in half for a couple of months, then last week I stopped. This week, I started feeling lightheaded occassionally. Now I sort of feel lightheaded most of the time, although it's pretty mild in the morning compared to the evening.

This is a typical Zoloft withdrawl symptom. But here's a bonus: I'm not having nightsweats anymore. I'd been having nightsweats for awhile and I didn't really make the connection to starting the medication, but apparently that's a side-effect of the drug. And, it seems to have disappeared. Yay!

I continue to feel like I have more energy. My front room is clean. My computer desk is clean. I did a bunch of dishes, laundry and cooked yesterday. That feels so good!

I went in for a doctor's appointment yesterday to talk about my cholesterol. Back at the end of July, I'd had a lipid panel done and it was LDL was also very high. So I was sent off with instructions to watch my diet and continue to exercise. Then I got sick. I've been eating take-out and not very active for about 3 months, so I was sure that the results would be the same or worse. I was wrong. My cholesterol dropped 34 points and my LDL dropped 46 points. Wow!

Off the subject of my health: I've just signed up for this thing called Paperback Swap. The premise is that you get 2 credits for listing 10 books you want to swap. Those credits can be used to request books that other participants have available to swap. The shipper of the book pays the postage, and when the receiver receives they mark that the book is received and the shipper gets another point for having sent one of their books. I like this. It's not worth it to sell some of my books on Amazon once I've finished with them, so this is a great alternative to storing the books.

I don't know if I won the contest yet (the top 5 favorites "win" and get a prize), but I'll let you know on Monday. I'm going to be cooking chicken soup with S tonight!

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Hippy Chick said...

So glad you are feeling better physically and mentally! :)