Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Update

Friday night wasn't the theater, exactly. We headed over to the local Greek Orthodox church for an evening of Christmasy songs. There was a sing-a-long at the end, which got S & I talking about the possibility of me finding a choir or a singing group to join. I love to sing, but I haven't been part of a choir or other organized sing since I was in grade school, I think.

We got home late and I had to soak my toe...I have a follow-up visit with my podiatrist tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll give the thumbs up for no more soaks! Then it was off to bed and up early to see clients in the morning.

Saturday was the intense day. I was feeling a particular need to have a plan this weekend, so when S told me he wasn't sure when he would want us to get together on Saturday, it made me cranky. Of course, there was also the issue of my fears about his still finding me attractive. So in the midst of dinner preparations that night, I broke into tears. SS tried to comfort me, but I shrugged her off. S & I ended up having an intense talk which then shifted into an intense talk the next morning. *sigh*

Sunday was a very low-key day, after all that. I came home for awhile in the morning & afternoon and made huge inroads into the mess of my kitchen and bathroom. I went over to S' in the afternoon again and we talked about my proprosed plan to improve finances. Part of it includes increasing my hours at the dialysis facility to's amazing how much money that brings in. The changes I'm proposing are going to shift my life quite a bit. I'm excited, but also a bit trepidacious about it all.

After a brief visit to Trader Joe's, I was at home for the rest of the evening and ended up watching the end of Survivor as I was writing out holiday cards. I'm so annoyed that I actually have watched this show enough to have a preference as to who won. Blah! Half the cards are done, and tonight I'll finish the rest after having dinner with Executive Director.

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