Thursday, January 24, 2008

Honest Tea

I generally don't like iced tea, but that brand above makes some darned good teas. My favorite is First Nation Peppermint, and it just makes my tummy happy.

My tummy is feeling happier, in general, today. I didn't feel nauseous while I was eating, so yay!

It's supposed to rain all weekend. This is good and this is bad. S has a wilderness navigation course scheduled for us on Sunday. I don't know if it's a rain or shine class, but if it is, I will most likely be out there in my rain gear with a map and a compass. ACK!

Well, folks, that's it for my Thursday.

If you feel like it, I have a marketing question that I'm fielding over at Steatopygia. Head over there and give me an opinion.


Cody Bones said...

You know what the best thing about having the stomach flu is? No it's not the dropping of a few pounds, it's the loss of all worry or anxiety about anything. Your so consumed with the stomach, and how crappy you feel that there is just not time nor inclination to worry about anything else. Not a fun way to stop worrying, but I have found it does work.

Aravis said...

Stomach bugs are miserable- I'm glad your tummy is beginning to feel better!

Charby said...

peppermint tea is awesome.

have you tried some ginger? thats good to settle upset tummies