Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wet noodle

I'd forgotten how much swimming just leaves me feeling like a wet noodle. I went on Friday morning before starting the rest of my day. I was home napping by 2:30. Which meant, sadly, that I completely flaked on plans that I'd made with a friend of S'. She's into Norse gods/goddesses, is a professional dom, and is also submissive in her primary relationship. I'll have to come up with a name for her at some point. Anyway, I remembered after I woke from my nap and she'd left a message on my voicemail, so I was able to call her. I've promised to meet her next week, and I'll pay for her caramel frappacino.

Of course, S is rather alarmed that we are meeting at Starbuck's. He's so funny sometimes what he objects to and what he embraces. But I love that quirkiness about him.

Friday night was spent at home doing a bit of housecleaning and just general relaxing with a book.

Saturday, I saw clients, then went home for more housecleaning, then headed over to S' for dinner. We stayed in last night and played. :) Of course, all fun stops at 10 p.m. when we are at home on a Saturday night...that's This American Life time on NPR. Last night they had a story about a Muslim family in a small town on the East Coast and the discrimination their children faced in school following 9/11. The Justice Department ended up taking action in their case, since the teacher was proselitizing in the classroom. (At that point, I asked S if I could get out of bed to beat my head agains the wall.)

We slept in very late and had lovely morning sex. After breakfast, S got out his bow and arrows and we headed out to the archery range. It was so much fun! I'd only been the one time before. I felt a lot less self-concious this time, probably because it was just S & I. I did really well, too. I didn't overshoot too much and I was getting some of my arrows on the targets in the bales I was shooting for.

We had lunch at the Chabot Science Center which is where you park for the archery range. Then we went for a hike. We hiked part of the trail that we'd hiked last year for our practice for Pt. Reyes. S had us start out before I'd changed into my hiking boots, so I went in my Crocks. They worked out really well (obviously you don't want to take them on a more challenging or longer hike), which I was pleased about.

It was a beautiful day and there were a ton of lovely dogs on the trail....oh, and their people, too. It was only about a mile, but there was a lot of ups and downs (for me). I go at a slow pace, but I was able to hike out and back without taking a break (except one for water).

I dropped S off and he gave me instructions to go home and take a that's the first thing I did. I had some extra Epsom's Salt from when I was soaking my foot and I poured that in the bath too. Then I soaked and soaked. I had to refill the tub once because I wasn't ready to be done.

Now I'm feeling like a wet noodle again.

I'm going to call in a to-go order to the Golden Lotus restaurant for dinner, then I think I'm all in for the night.

Re: the discussion group...I don't know what I want to say in a public forum about that. The topic was surrender and, generally, we talked about the difficulties and the joys, and how important it is to have a dominant who can help with that.

Okay, then, I'm off to order food. Have a good night and a good Monday, all.


Cody Bones said...

"She's into Norse gods/goddesses, is a professional dom, and is also submissive in her primary relationship"

I vote for Lady Sif

Aravis said...

That group sounds like a good, supportive outlet for you. I'm glad you've found others to connect with in that way who can understand.