Thursday, February 14, 2008

Big hugs to everyone

There is a part of me that hates valentine's day. I hate the commercialism. I hate the idea that this is the "special" day to tell someone you love them (hint: we should be doing that all the time!).

And there is a part of me that loves it. It is the childlike part of me that does not have any expectation of romance, but likes the expression of affection.

As a kid, I was very affectionate. In fact, for the family culture I came from I was a little too affectionate, at times. My family didn't tell one another that they loved each other. I remember being told, when I wanted to snuggle up to my mom in a restaurant, that I was too old.

I liked affection and being told I was loved and special, but my family culture was not that affectionate. So when, once a year, there was a holiday to celebrate sharing such a thing, I drank it up.

I liked the pseudo-attention (because, of course, the cards are deposited into these boxes/bags anonymously) and the candy hearts with the silly sayings. I liked the hearts and the flowers and I especially liked the chocolate.

So this year, I went with the childlike impulse and I bought the kid cards for my teammates and baked a cake. I'm dressed in a red shirt and I'm feeling very affectionate to everyone today.

I do appreciated my friends and family out there and I wish that I could, personally, give you all a hug and a Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day Spinny! Sending big hugs right back atcha!

xo Sarah B

Hippy Chick said...

Happy Valentine's Day Spincita :) Sending you virtual candy oxox!