Monday, February 18, 2008

Worn out!

I just got back from Pantheacon and WOW!

If you've ever been to a con, you know that they can be very intense: people everywhere, lot's of different workshops happening all the time, lots of groups or vendors or information vieing for your attention. Add to that the intensity of spiritual experiences and discussions about theology or history. Add, too, lot's of people in witchy/gothy/just plain odd outfits...mix it all up with mead and bad food at the San Jose Doubletree Hotel and that's Pantheacon.

Generally, I've gone on a Sunday. One year, I went for Saturday afternoon and Sunday. This year, I got there Saturday evening and stayed all through today. I didn't even party, and I'm feeling a bit hung over.

Here's a listing of the workshops I went to: Walking with Freyja, Goddess Yoga, Engaging the Warrior's Heart, A Different Kind of Seidh, a viewing of An Inconvenient Truth, Asatru Blot, The Well of Song, Huna: The Shamanic Tradition of Hawaii, "Magic, Blogging & Web 2.0", and Feral Holiness: BDSM & the Sacred.

I missed a few things because going to a workshop at 11 p.m. just was not feasible...and the first night, I just wanted to indulge in a bit of lolling about my hotel room.

I'm feeling both very energized and a bit frazzled. For someone who tends towards the introverted, this was a lot of people. I am glad I stayed for today, though since, with the exception of the first workshop on Saturday night, those 3 workshops were the best of the weekend. I really enjoyed the's a ritual to Norse gods. There's nothing quite like saying, "Hail, Freyja!" and have a whole room of loud heathens echo it back to you.

I met a few people that I am really interested in connecting with further. I wish that one of them were closer. She's the leader of the Freyja workshop I went to...and she was just awesome. I did get her e-mail, so I feel a bit like I can ask lots of questions.

I'm going to go to bed early tonight because tomorrow is going to be a very intense day: 2 clinics at work, therapy, then choir. It makes me want a nap just thinking about it.

I hope that you all had fabulous weekend!


Hyde said...

Just a question- Is there a group of gods (like the Norse gods) that you have an affinity for, or do you incorporate all gods into your spiritual practices (greco/roman, egyptian, etc.) It sounds like a really interesting weekend!! I'd love to hear more..


spinsterwitch said...

I'm mostly drawn to the Norse gods and in particular I worship primarily Freyja. Most people seem to be drawn one way or another, although sometimes it seems like some people are at a spiritual smorgasbord. Whatever works, I say!

Aravis said...

That sounds like such an amazing trip!