Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Worn out, part deux

Yeah, so I caught a cold...or something. I've had THE sore/scratchy throat. I've had the sneezing and some sinus pain. I've had moments of lightheadedness. I've had extreme tiredness.

Here's what I haven't had - a runny nose, a horrible cough. I'm eternally grateful, but it's just a little weird.

Here's another weird thing...for several weeks, I've been noticing that I've been running warm, in terms of my body temperature. I know that 98.6 is not really "normal" and that you don't have a fever until you are well into the 100s, but I feel hot when I'm in the 99s. And for several weeks I have been. Until, Monday night when I started to feel sick that is. Since then I've pretty consistently stayed round about 98.6. I mean, WTF! I just can't seem to figure my body out these days.

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