Monday, February 04, 2008

The world has gone crazy

There are plenty enough horrors in the world this is true, but here are two that are worthy of being highlighted:

The first would normally be relegated to the annals of Steatopygia, but I'm writing it up here instead because it really is important to understand how seriously effed up some people are and how far they are willing to take fat discrimination. MS Rep. Mayhew has introduced a bill to the MS state legislature. This bill would require that restaurants deny service to the obese. Seriously!

Now there's no way that this would pass - fat people and restaurant owners will definitely be banding together on this one. But the idea that controlling the food intake of a group of people should be codified is the frightening, yet not so illogical, next step in the "obesity epidemic" hysteria. Please note, I'm not saying that it is logical that we do this, I'm saying that those who buy into the obesity epidemic would think this logical.

The next bit of craziness in the world is also related to being fat, but is about a crime. 5 women in a Chicago area Lane Bryant store were shot and killed during a robbery of the store on Saturday morning. I'm having the same reaction to this as I did to the deaths of 3 Starbuck's employees in DC about a decade ago. That one was probably a bit more dramatic to me because it was literally right across the street from where I worked. But still, these are places you go in and out of and you feel somewhat soothed by their familiarity. You are safe there. But this Saturday, that wasn't true. A woman like me, a social worker, walked into the store to buy something or just browse, and wound up dead in a back room with 4 others.

Makes me want to hit something...good thing that I get to pretend to hit things tonight!


Aravis said...

That was a little close to home- a woman, a social worker like yourself, out shopping with friends. I can see how that would hit you hard. :0(

As for that bill... horrifying.

Lori said...

What is wrong with people?!?! No need to answer that. Makes me want to hit things too. I think I will kick things on my way to vote.