Friday, March 07, 2008


Mom is going home today. She is feeling better and has not had any significant pain for a couple of days. Her heart rate is pretty high, but that's because her heart doesn't function as well as a healthy heart (and hasn't for a very long time).

So we will be packing up all her stuff and driving her home. She'll be greeted ecstatically by the dog and the cat.

Jesse, the dog, has been following me around since I got here. He sleeps next to me on the floor. I further endeared myself last night by giving him a bone. I had a reason for the bone, see, Jesse likes to chew on things. Anything, really. So yesterday morning, we found pieces of a ceramic planter on the floor. It became obvious that he had hidden some of the pieces because last night, after my dad turned out the lights in the den, I went back there to find another large piece had surface. The bone is a much safer thing for the puppy to chew on.

The cat, he's the fattest cat ever, has been sleeping with me as well. I don't feed him, though, so he isn't quite as enamored of me.

Big reason #5021 that I left Minnesota: it's March 7th (2 weeks from the beginning of Spring) and it's below zero this morning.


Karen said...

Yay, I'm so happy to hear that - I'm sure your mom will be glad to be at home and not in the hospital. Please give her my well wishes. sending you much love and hope you stay warm!

Aravis said...

Oh Spins, you and your family are definitely in my thoughts. *hug*

The puppy and cat sound like they've been comforting company, as you are to them as well I'm sure.

Gladys said...

:::hugs::: Just catching up on my and your family are in my thoughts. I went through this a few years ago, and it's scary as hell. Hang in there (and tell Minnesota to stop sending all that cold air here; we're tired of it too.)

Cody Bones said...

I'm glad to hear that your mom's doing better.