Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I think that I want to cancel Tuesdays for the next little while. They have not been bringing me very good news. Last Tuesday, my co-worker died. This Tuesday, I got a call from my aunt.

My mother is in the hospital. She had a heart attack on Monday night. I didn't hear until late because I didn't have my cell phone on. This is nothing new for my mother. She has a history of heart disease. But so close on the heels of this death, it was just really overwhelming.

I decided to go to MN. I booked my ticket last night (it was surprisingly cheap for last minute) and was on a plane this morning. I was in her hospital room this afternoon.

I'll be in MN until Sunday. Mostly I'll be playing chauffeur. My dad can't drive because of his strokes and my aunt and sister are working. It's at least something I can do.

I took my mother for a walk today. We walked for about 3 minutes and she was short of breath and her pulse rate was up high. It's really hard to watch.

I think my coming took my parents by surprise, but as I explained to my dad, I feel like I have more time and more financial resources at the moment to swing this. So I wanted to.

Keep my family and I in your thoughts, if you will.


Hyde said...

Spins, I'm so sorry! I'll be saying prayers for you guys. Hope your mom is ok...


Cody Bones said...

Spins, I'm so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please take care.

Hippie Chick said...

I am so very very sorry to hear this. I am glad you could go and I bet your family is relieved and grateful to have you there. Hang in there Spincita and u know where to find me if you need anything my friend.

Flash said...

Hugs for you and your folks.

beedragon said...

So so sorry. I hope you and your mom and the rest of your family are doing okay. Please holler if you need anything.

writinginAK said...

Oh my dear. I am so very sorry ... Definitely you and your mom and family are in my heart and thoughts and prayers. What rotten timing, too, with all that happened last week. Sending you lots of love my friend.