Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm running out of title ideas

Well, I'm sure that will right itself soon enough.

Here's a bit about my weekend...well, first let's talk about that little drama that inspired my post from Thursday. On Wednesday, S took me out to lunch to discuss an issue that he felt worried about bringing up: Hawaii.

He is concerned (and rightly so) that the trip we have planned at the time we have planned it (when it averages 86 degrees for most of the day) will be more than my body can handle. See, I can do my best to try new things and be active in nice, cool Bay Area circumstances, but as the temperature edges towards the 80 degree mark, I begin to have problems. Those problems are usually in the form of a migraine. It happened Monday night at class and it leaves me feeling debilitated for most of the day.

On Wednesday night we discussed the further implications of this...that if we were going to cancel the trip we planned, then S was not interested in flying to HI for the wedding. This raised all sorts of things from feeling abandoned that I would have to spend the time only with my family and not with him as a nice excuse for ducking out of family time to bringing up issues about the fact that this isn't your "average" relationship in which marriage, a house and a dog loom large in the future. Mostly, I really don't want this, but there is some perverse Minnesota girl who craves an average lifestyle full of Old Country Buffet, Animal Planet, and an SUV.

In talking about all this further this weekend, I now find that I am experiencing S at his most ambivalent. He wants the trip so much as we have planned it, that he keeps having internal battles about whether there is more torture for us in trying to plan a less active trip together and still have the trip or in just canceling our plans and sending me to the wedding alone. I find myself more at peace with either's a fascinating experience.

Friday was a busy day...therapy, client, chiropractor, then practice with my unarmed combat partner. Then I met S for dinner. We wandered around College Avenue. S was left feeling confused about the number of hipster boutiques that have popped up. We ended the evening eating lovely Thai curry.

Saturday I saw clients, then I headed back to S' house. We spent most of the day practicing the armed fight scene that will make up our final for the stage combat class. We also walked to the library where S had reserved a bunch of books on marketing and small business for me and my practice. We had dinner that night at a place called the Prime Spot. It seemed a bit like a group of young Asian guys' idea of what would be a perfect dinner hangout...a small hip restaurant that serves really good prime rib that has a small bar with a flat screen tv for sports events (like the fight that was running that night). It was really good food, but the tv was too much, especially since we were seated next to the bar.

Sunday we had a leisurely morning in bed, then I headed off for a workshop on Loving Your Body. It was good and felt timely for me for several reasons (not the least of which was watching the video that S and I had made of one of our fight practices). I did leave feeling like I would have liked to have more time, either that day or on another day. That evening, I was back at S' working with him on our fight. I have to tell you, my thighs hurt. We have to have a wide-legged and somewhat lower stance for these fights. Doing this for hours at a time really works the top and inner thigh muscles. We ended the evening with a long talk at S' kitchen table. It was a lovely experience.

I'm back at work today, and I've just learned that my co-worker is out for the week...her nephew died unexpectedly last week. Gah! I really think that medical emergencies and death seem to be a running theme that I want to end.

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