Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lots of little things

Well, not really, but we did see lots of flowers this weekend and some of them were little.

First, though, I got to have dinner with my friend, A, who lives in Minneapolis on Friday night. She and I were housemates our first year in LVC, and I missed seeing her when I was in town at Thanksgiving and this recent trip. It was great to see her and to hear how her life is going these days.

Saturday, S & SS & I headed out on a flower hunting adventure. We didn't go far, but it felt like we were in a different country, a bit. We camped overnight at Del Valle Park and played in the lake before setting up camp and making dinner. SS & I climbed a tree and talked while S went for a wander in the hill by our creek. That night we listened to the frogs croaking and the water flowing as we fell asleep.

After an early morning wander around the campground, we got everything ready to head out for the real "hunt." S & SS started out on a 3 mile hike, which I opted out of and went back to enjoy the lake and find the flowers there.

We met up and went driving through the hills and valleys, stopping whenever we would see something we wanted to photograph. S even caught a wild turkey...we'd seen several, but they are quick little buggers.

We stopped for lunch at the Junction Cafe which is a bar/cafe where a lot of bikers stop on their trek down this road we were on. After lunch, I got the traditional birthday peanut butter and jelly sandwich to celebrate my birthday.

Then we were off for the really windy part of the drive up and down Mt Hamilton. The James Lick Observatory is at the top - unfortunately we didn't make it up there before it closed. But there were beautiful views. They it was down the original switchback road. My arms were tired before it was over.

It was a lovely trip. I felt like I reconnected with SS some and it was fun to hunt flowers. I came back feeling tired, but like I'd really had time away.

S & I started our new combat class: Rapier & Dagger (and quarterstaff). It's going to be interesting.

I think that's all. I'm feeling tired, but content today. That's a good combination, strangely.


Hyde said...

It's nice that you were able to reconnect with SS like that...


Cody Bones said...

Ok Spins, I have a whole host of questions for you. I understand if you don't want to anwswer them, but here goes.

1. Do you still have a full Poly relationship with S and SS? What exactly is the status of SS?

2. Tell us about S. From posting, I gather he is older than you, and possibly retired from the tech industry, he might be Jewish, and I think that there was a mention of a beard. Let us know more (if you want)

3. Is this the first Poly relationship for S and SS, or do they have other experiences?

4. Where do you see the relationship heading? What will it look like in 2, 3 or 5 years?

Spins, if these are too personal, I understand, I'm just curious, thats all.

Aravis said...

Happy, happy birthday Spins! It sounds like a lovely way to have spent it!