Thursday, May 29, 2008

If it's possible

I think the Prilosec is making my stomach more unhappy. But I'm willing to give it a few days. I have some ginger ale to drink today, so that will make my tummy happy (and burpy, but whatcha gonna do?).

I fly away tomorrow to HI. I'm mostly packed. I still don't know what shoes I'm taking and I have to finish packing the toiletries and find my swimsuit. But, yeah, mostly packed. I'm taking a whole other bag just in case I decide to go shopping crazy.

I had dinner with S last night. It was lovely and nice to just talk to him. He recently shared the story he'd heard of the mutiny on the Bounty. Very fun...I really do love history.

My parents should be arriving safely in HI today. The rest of the family is already there, so I'll be the last to arrive.

I'm amazed at how many people want to tell me what to do and see when I'm there. Usually, I like to take some suggestions, but I'm really finding that I don't want to have too many plans. I mostly just want to have the time away to rest and relax in a beautiful place.

If I can find a place to blog when I'm there, I'll get a post in. Otherwise, I will return to regular blogging on Wednesday next week.


Cody Bones said...

Have a great trip Spins, I hope you feel better.

Aravis said...

A lot has been going on, hasn't it? I hope the Prilosec takes care of the problem, or that the problem clears up. It must be so difficult for you. :(

It sounds like you've had some (well-deserved) nice times lately with B and S. And I'm glad that all ended well with your parents. Scary! But,as they say, an adventure. But only because they survived intact!

I hope you have the most wonderful time in Hawaii. If anyone deserves to relax and unwind, it's you. Enjoy your beautiful vacation, do (or don't do) whatever you want.

Have fun!

Hyde said...

Have fun!!! :)

Charby said...

we have the chronometer from the Bounty on display at our museum.
I'm not entirely sure of all the details but from what i understand it was taken by the mutineers to pitcairn island and was the only way they had to prove that they had been on the bounty.
it was then taken from them and taken to chile, where it was lost for a decade!

Hippie Chick said...

Hope you are having a great time in Hawaii! Btw, Prilosec gave me horrible gas pains and general GI discomfort - now I take the generic for Zantac and it's way better for heartburn, acid reflux and even helps when I am nauseous...