Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I got the results of my labs and ultrasound today. Everything looks good with the labs and there are no gallstones. My doctor has told me to try Prilosec OTC, so I picked some up this evening and will start it in the morning.

I've been spending the last 20 minutes or so trying to decide whether to go to choir tonight. I like choir and I've missed it the last 2 weeks. A part of me feels like I should be there, but then there is the nauseous and tired part of me that is calling me all sorts of a fool.

I think the hangup has something to do with my feeling ill not being a "real" illness. Now, obviously, something is wrong with me, but I'm probably not carrying a bug or contagious or anything. I'm certainly not running a fever...and well, fever was the measurement by which most illnesses were measured when I was little.

It's that should part that says I need to be really ill to go to choir. There is a fainter, more rational voice, that says that working out your diaphragm while you are nauseous might not be a good idea (and that promises that there are 5 more months until the concert, so not to worry).

So I'm not going tonight, but it is with real struggle that I am staying home to nurture the tummy and get rest.


Cody Bones said...

Smart choice, only you can be the judge of your health. The other issue is that you do choir for fun, if it's not fun, don't do it. Simple, isn't it?

Hyde said...

I hope you feel better soon!! That's a crazy story about your parents... What are you working on in choir, by the way?