Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Livers and kidneys and spleans, oh my!

I had my ultrasound this morning. The tech was very nice and let me watch the screen. She described what I was seeing throughout the whole thing. I got to see my aorta, the abovementioned organs, and the gallbladder.

There didn't seem to be anything immediately jumping out about the gallbladder, but the tech is just the tech and the radiologist reads the ultrasound. So nothing really new to report (well, except that it is one more down and one more to go for tests).

I did have some moments this morning when I wondered if maybe whatever was happening was clearing up on its own. I wasn't nauseous (I couldn't eat before the ultrasound, though, and it's the consumption of food that's been making me nauseous). I haven't felt significant pain just kind of achiness for several days.

But, no, once I'd drunk the Odwalla protein drink, I started feeling nauseous again. Bleh!

I would seriously recommend, if you ever get to have one done, that you try to watch the screen when they do an ultrasound on you. It's wicked fun!

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Aravis said...

I hope they figure it out soon; what you're going through sounds awful.

But the ultrasound was fun. :0)

Feel better!