Monday, May 19, 2008

Prince Caspian

This was my big outing this weekend. Yesterday, I went to IHOP for breakfast (wherein I could only eat about half of the order - so sad!), then went to see Prince Caspian.

I ended up having a really long conversation by phone with S about the movie, as he'd seen it the day before and wanted to discuss it with me. He also talked a little about the letters I've sent him and clarified some things. I'm reminded of all the things that I really love about him, and of the things that are upsetting me about all this.

He has been really lovely about asking if I need anything. I told him that I would call him today after my doctor's appointment. There's not much else to tell you all until after the appointment either, so I'll get back online and update you this evening.

Oh! I did really enjoy the movie (with the exception of exceedingly unlikely trebuchet that seemed to reload continually).


Aravis said...

I can't wait to see this movie, but have to until my mother gets back from California (I put her on a plane yesterday; she's in Redding now visiting my aunt) because we're going to see it together. As a little girl, I was (and still am, for that matter) always hungry for books, and mom introduced me to Narnia; I can't go see Prince Caspian without her. It would just be wrong.

I'm sorry that things remain uncertain between you and S; that's a pretty crummy feeling to live with. Hang in there. I hope the visit with the doctor went well, too.

Kelly said...

I really enjoyed Lion Witch & Wardrobe so i'm looking forward to Prince Caspian. I hope it lives up to expectations....