Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hot, hot, hot

We are having a heat wave. Not a good thing in an area where this tends to be rare, so no one has air conditioning. My fan is going full force and all my windows are open and it is still 85 F this morning in the apartment.

I went last night with SS to a Summer Solstice ritual. It was quite nice and very woman empowering (it was a Dianic group, which means they only include women). We worked with Pele...a goddess I have some affinity to, if only in my attraction to volcanoes.

The really cool thing was how lovely it was once the sun went down. The altar on the ground had lots of candles and there were tiki torches lit. You could see the stars really clearly and it was comfortably cool. I got to dance a little and sing.

SS has been just a wonderful support to me, recently, and it was fun to share this with her.

I'm going to hang out with S today. We had planned a botanical garden tour at CAL, but there's a heat advisory and I don't do well in the heat. So we are going to think of alternate things to do.


Aravis said...

I think it's wonderful the way you and SS have been able to bond. S' withdrawal has been painful and difficult for you both, I'm sure, but it has brought you together as well in the absence of tension over sharing S. Should S become a part of your lives again as he was before, perhaps this new friendship will make the relationship stronger. Either way, you have a friend.

I hope you're surviving the heat. I know how much it bothers you. :0(

spinsterwitch said...

I spent most of my day in either a) my air conditioned office, b) a restaurant, and c) the movie theater seeing Kung Fu Panda. There's something of a coolish breeze outside, so with the windows and the door open, it should cool off some tonight.