Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Water, water everywhere..."

I'm in the midst of the prep. I have to say that I'm apparently very lucky - no nausea or cramping. Maybe all my little colon needed was a good cleansing.

The most interesting piece is that I keep thinking about food. I dreamt last night that I had gotten lunch which I thought would meet the clear liquid standards, but then realized that the tortilla wasn't clear liquid?

I haven't been hungry, that's not the problem. But I think that my body just really likes teh food. Well, part of my body anyway. I keep imagining what I'm going to eat when I get to eat again.

SS tells me, though, that I shouldn't eat right away after the procedure. I should have broth or just liquids. But I want solids!

Well, I'm off to drink my last cup of the lovely Nulytley. I'll blog again tomorrow, after I've had a nice nap.

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