Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, it's official

I have a healthy looking colon. There is a reddened patch that he found that he says is probably the result of the prep, but he biopsied it anyway. I do have internal hemorrhoids, but they don't appear to be bleeding (yay!).

So the supposition is that my pain and discomfort have been the result of IBS. In other words, the anxiety and the stress of the past several months have likely exascerabated something that I may have been dealing with for awhile (since I've had some things going on that could have been IBS-like for several years now, but were not constant enough for me to take notice of).

I'm going to see my other doctor tomorrow. My blood pressure has been high and the number of my migraines has gone up...all other big signs that my anxiety is slipping away from my coping mechanisms. I'm going to talk to her about a possible 2-3 week medical leave from work. I hate to do that to my co-worker, but I feel like I need time and space.

I'm also going to be looking into some hypnotherapy which is supposed to be really helpful for IBS.

I'm still a bit hazy. I napped for 4 hours. I think I can thank the fentanyl for that.

I might nap a little more.

Have a good Monday.

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Aravis said...

It's amazing what stress- especially stress that's tamped down- can do to the body, isn't it? What a relief that the colon appears to be healthy! There's one less thing to worry about. It sounds like it's time to take that time for yourself. Be good to you. *hug*