Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Leap of faith - redux

So a bit of change in plans that is making me feel less freaked out.

See, I have a lot of PTO. So I am opting to take 2 weeks off with the PTO. In that time, I will, hopefully, be able to see a psychiatrist and get a consult from someone who feels like they can advise me about taking leave.

You see, after some checking, I confirmed that my primary care doctor won't do disability paperwork for something that is primarily psychological (I do understand this), and my therapist is a doctor of social work...which means that he cannot help with the forms that the state gives.

So, 2 weeks PTO and maybe more leave after that. Maybe after 2 weeks, I wil feel more on an even keel. I'm keeping my options open.


Aravis said...

I so hope that this works out for you, that you receive the help you need to find some peace and the ability to steer your life along a course of your choosing.

Thinking of you and keeping those digits crossed.

spinsterwitch said...

Thanks...but be careful of the foot digits. I don't want to cause any accidents.