Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don't f**k with a social worker!

I have another post I want to write about NAAFA/ASDAH, but work is busy right now and I find myself still recovering (and trying to clean) from the conference and from the past several weeks of being depressed.

But, I wanted to relate a story from yesterday. My GI doctor had prescribed a proton pump inhibitor which I successfully filled last month. This month, when I went to fill it, I was told I needed a pre-authorization. I initially heard all of this last week before going to NAAFA. I was so frustrated that I just paid out of pocket for a few pills.

Last night, I went back to pick-up the rest of the month's prescription, which I assumed would be filled. Well, you can guess, I'm sure, that it was not waiting for me as I had anticipated. In fact, the pharmacy tech tells me, it doesn't even look like I'd requested a refill.

I'm getting a little steamed, at this point. So, I ask them to start the process and ask for the number for the insurance companies pharmacy services so that I can harass them, myself.

And harrass I did. On my cell phone in the Wahlgreen's. I was told that I was given the first month as a courtesy, but then an authorization was supposed to be filled out by my doctor. I was finally, after much persistent asking, told how it was that my doctor was supposed to know that I needed an authorization for this - he and I were sent a letter, I was told. Well, I don't think I need to tell you (but I will) that I never received a letter.

And upon learning no letter had been gotten, the nice man on the other end quickly arranged for an authorization overide for just this month.

The sad part of this story is that I will probably have to switch to a new medication because this is a new med and therefore expensive. With meds like this, insurance companies want the doctor to show that I the patient have tried and not been able to use cheaper drugs in the same class. Since I have not been on cheaper drugs in the same class, they are not going to approve the next refill for me. Bleh!

But for now, I got my way, dammit...and my tummy will be happy so I can eat.

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Aravis said...

The next time I'm having trouble with my insurance company, I'm calling you! *G* Good luck next month.