Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Do your little walk on the catwalk..."

So, I presented both my workshops and they went's a picture of me at the first one:

The rest of that first day was spent in preparation for the fashion show. I got to wear a beautiful blue outfit...and a bit of lingerie:

I have a few other pictures, but since they are mostly of groups of people and I don't have permission to post them, you will have to just be content with those.

It really was a blast. My workshops seemed to be very successful. I met a lot of really wonderful people who are involved in lot's of different ways and with lot's of different focuses.

Although it was small, it was international with people from Europe, Asia, and Australia there with us North Americans.

I definitely used up all my extrovert points for awhile.

Oh! And the hotel was very nice. If you ever need to stay near LAX, I highly recommend the Marriott. The bed was so comfy (although they did not have the full complement of cable for me to!).

I'm glad to be back. I will be going back to work tomorrow to see how that feels. I feel much less anxious and much happier. I'll see if that continues.


LB said...

"potholes"? Some of us have "craters", I think....!

hippie chick said...

Woo hoo! Great pics :)Love the bustier one - so very Moulin Rouge!
Good for you!

Aravis said...

Sassy! *G*

It looks like such a great time... and you deserved it. :0)

Anonymous said...

Go spin!