Thursday, July 10, 2008

Here I come to save the day!

So I'm in L.A. I have a comfy bed, but still didn't sleep too well (cuz I'm nervous). And my first workshop starts in an hour and 45 minutes. EEK!

No, actually, I'm not all that nervous. I went through it yesterday and I like what I've written, so it's all good.

But, hold on to your seats, I've agreed to be a model in tonight's fashion show. Wow! That's just wow. Well, I do want to meet people and becoming involved like this will really throw me into the midst of it.

There was a pool party last night and I could see the folks swimming and hear the laughter. But I was very had been a full day.


hippie chick said...

Good for you on all fronts Spincita, hope your workshops go well (of course they will) and have fun modeling! ;) oxoxox

Aravis said...

That all sounds so cool! Photos from the fashion show?

Hope your speeches went well, and that you're having a blast!

Hyde said...

A model? What do you get to wear? And what exactly did you present on? Hope you are having fun!!