Sunday, August 10, 2008


Act 1: Remember the woman I wrote about earlier in the week who cloned her dog, Booger? Well, it turns out she's something of a sociopath (as if we couldn't have guessed). Back in her college years, her attention was caught by a fellow student at Brigham Young University. How did our I-love-my-doggy-so-much-I-must-sell-my-home-to-clone-him heroine do to show her affection? She followed him to England (where he was going to vacation), kidnapped him, chained him to a bed and raped him. When she was let out on bail, she fled the country...she later stalked the poor Mormon, and has generally been antisocial since.

Act 2: You may have heard of the man who was killed in the Olympics? The father of a former Olympian from Minnesota? Well, I grieve today the loss of that man. You see, he was the owner of Bachman's, a floral shop in the Twin Cities. Bachman's is the place that we would go to get flowers for my mother's flower beds in the spring. It is where she would buy her seeds. I remember going with her and roaming the nursery, or going with my sister to pick out a bouquet for mother's day. I'm pretty sure that the corsage that I wore for my prom came from Bachman's.

It's pretty amazing how one business can just infiltrate all aspects of your life in such subtle ways. It makes me sad that Mr. Bachman is dead...the Twin Cities has lost a valued member of its community.

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Cody Bones said...

WOW, that's all I can say about Pet Semetary women, WOW