Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Oh, the horrors!

I'm not sure which is worse, so I thought I would share both stories and have you guys pick.

First, I love me some puppies. My inner puppy wants to have puppies (as in birth them - an impossibility since I was born into a human body). But when a beloved puppy dog dies, even I know that mourning the loss and moving on is important. Sometimes finding another puppy can help...only if you realize that you are not going to get the same puppy.

Well, a woman in California was hoping for more of the same. In fact, before her beloved puppy dog, Booger, died, she took some cells and set about getting him cloned. She sold her house to pay for this (did her family never seek help?). And now, thanks to a company in Korea, she has 5 little Boogers.

This is not right.

The second story...well, I got an e-mail on the fat studies listserv I'm on about yesterday's episode of No Reservations on the travel channel. Go to Travel Channel's website and look for Anthony Bourdain's clip discussing obesity with Ted Nugent. Or don't (if you want to save Sanity Points).

I have never heard such virilent bigotry spewed on a television show before (well, except for something scripted into a fictional piece). To realize that these 2 men feel no remorse or shame for using words such as "sperm whale" and "pig" to describe others is patently horrifying.

And yet it isn't. Unfortunately, as angry as I am, I also know that this hatred exists out there...this is why I fight (even just with words).

So two horrors. Which is the worse.


vesta44 said...

Well, the lady who has the cloned puppies is going to realize pretty soon that cloning is definitely not a guarantee of getting a copy of your deceased dog. Because there is no way to duplicate everything that went into raising the original dog with raising the cloned puppies. She's going to be disappointed, I would imagine, but I would hope that she either keeps the puppies, or finds good homes for them if she doesn't want to keep them when they don't turn out to be a carbon copy of the original.
As for the Bourdain/Nugent douchewaddery, I definitely think that is much worse. They are bigots, pure and simple, and there usually isn't any way to change the mind of a died-in-the-wool bigot. I totally believe in karma, and what those 2 are piling up in karma is going to come back and bite them in the ass, big time, sooner or later. It's just a shame that when that happens, they aren't going to have a frakking clue as to why it happened, since they don't see anything wrong with their shitty attitude about fat people and women.

Cody Bones said...

Spins, I couldn't find the aforementioned clip, (but I did watch a fascinating episode on Sushi), so I'm sorry I can't speak to the issue. As a dog owner and lover, I've always wondered when this was going to happen, and it does creep me out, (Pet Semetary anyone). The life of a pet, like most experiences in life have their place (college, etc)the memory is to be cherished, but never to be repeated. So without seeing the second, I'm voting for the first

Hyde said...

I looked it up... Cody, here's the link: http://bourdain-friends-podcast.travelchannel.com/?podcast=1792&display=player&episode=29257&view=2&page=1