Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend Update

It was a beautiful weekend, in terms of the weather, and generally a nice one in other ways.

Friday, I had a follow-up GI appointment. We discussed the results of the colonoscopy (which were clear...I have a healthy looking colon), then I asked about testing for a dysfunction of the gallbladder. So my doctor referred me for a HIDA scan, which I've scheduled for next Friday. Basically, it lets them see if the gallbladder is working the way that it should.

I was done early and I thought about heading across the Bay to visit with some blogger folks in town for the Romance Writers Association con, but I decided to go for the less exciting (and much more necessary) bra shopping. I found one bra at Target. I really do need to go on-line and see if they have this brand anywhere else because I just need one size larger than they seem to carry.

Saturday was a fun day. I saw clients in the morning, then SS and I met up in the afternoon. We went on an adventure to Walnut Creek to be tourists. We went shopping at Coldwater Creek which carries clothes in a very large range, so we were able to find clothes in our size right next to the same style in a size Small. It rocked!

We had dinner at a Tiki Bar/Restaurant, then came back to my place and watched Cloverfield. I really enjoyed the movie and the way that they did the filming.

Sunday was mostly spent just lounging about. I went to my Elements of Magic class in the evening. That was good. I had been feeling yucky, bodily, and it was bringing down my mood, so it was good to be around others. We did some trance work, which was helpful. I came home last night and watched a bit more of the Closer, then took a bath before going to bed. I slept like a rock.

This week is sort of a short week for me. I work at work M-W, then on Thursday, I'm taking a CEU course in San Rafael on bridging the cultural gap with Latino clients. I'm really looking forward to that.

Well, now, I hope you all enjoyed your weekends.

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Cody Bones said...

You seem to be sounding happier and healthier. Good for you Spins, I'm happy for you.