Thursday, September 04, 2008

A bad smell

Last night I had a weird experience. I can't tell if it was a dream or if it was real. It was similar to another experience I had just over a week ago, so I'll share them both.

The first time, I was sleeping and I either woke up to a half-asleep place or was dreaming, but I was in my bed and I became aware that my breath smelled really foul. When I woke in the morning, I did a smell check and it didn't smell bad. So I decided this was a dream.

Last night, I was again asleep and either partially woke up or was dreaming when I smelled a skunk. It was gone when I woke.

Now last night, I'm inclined to believe was a skunk somewhere nearby. My windows don't seal very well so I can get scents...and we all know how potent a skunk is. But the one from last's just strange. In both of the experiences, I was aware of the smell and that it bothered me, but I didn't feel inclined to get up and do anything about it. The one from last week, I think was a dream because in it, I did move to another position, but when I woke I hadn't moved (and also, if your breath stinks, it generally keeps stinking).

I have noticed too that I've been very sensitive to smells lately. Yesterday, a plastic container I had near my desk seemed so noxious I had to move it. It's just weird.

In another note (also of a bad smell variety...sort of), there was a picture in the Chronicle yesterday of John McCain greeting the future son-in-law of Sarah Palin. You couldn't see the young man's face, but I just had this sudden empathy for him and the situation he and Bristol are in. They had sex...she is pregnant. This happens all the time and it is often embarrassing and painful for the teens and their families. But to be thrust into the national spotlight because of have choices for your future narrowed in such a way is just not right.

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Aravis said...

The smell thing... how odd. It would be funny if it wasn't bothering you.

As for the Palin thing, I understand what you mean. My mother feels strongly for Bristol; my mother was an unwed teenage mother, me being the result. Her heart goes out to Palin's daughter, but she also feels angry with Palin for placing her daughter so firmly and knowingly in the spotlight at such a time in order to further her political aspirations.

What a painful time.