Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Word Choice

I was struck, last night, by the choice of words that Laura Bush used to describe one of the strengths that she saw in her husband's favor: he had "kept America safe," she said.

Let's step back for a moment, shall we? Under whose watch did the most agregious terrorist attack upon the US on US soil happen? And who put us into war with 2 countries which it is now politically and economically inconvenient to just abandon resulting in over 4000 US deaths, thus far?

Well, I believe that that would be W. How does this in any way translate in keeping us safer?

We pissed off our allies by engaging in a pre-emptive war under "evidence" so slim that those backpedalers who supported this war should be embarassed to admit being swayed by it. We have now created new training grounds for terrorists, and inspired a whole new generation of young men and women to believe that the evil westerners are out to corrupt their way of life. We have re-energized the poppy trade in Afghanistan, and the Taliban, as a consequence of pummeling this country further into pieces (did we learn nothing from Russia's mistake?!).

And none of this addresses domestic issues that have increased the risk to our personal safety. I don't know how it is in other communities, but there has been an increase in violent crimes in Oakland and surrounding cities, including restaurant take-over robberies. Considering the price of, say, food these days, it's not surprisig that people are taking more risks to get money for the things they want and need.

There is no way that I feel "safer" with W in office. I only feel "safer" knowing that he will be gone in just a few short months.


Rivi said...

very true.

Gladys said...

and allow me to second that with a loud "DAAAAAMN SKIPPY."

(my captcha says "otturgpe" which sounds very much like a gastric noise. I needed to share that.)

Aravis said...

I saw the greatest bumper sticker the other day:

Bush's last day in office

Simple, direct, to the point, and heartening.