Friday, September 05, 2008

C'est la vie. Que sera, sera...

Yeah, well, so despite my hopeful outlook of all that happened last weekend between S & I, it now feels as though we have taken a step back.

I won't go into the details because I'm really sort of sick of having my sinuses get all clogged and feeling dehydrated. But let's just say that my sense that we were moving forward was apparently mistaken.

We have plans to see each other on Sunday, although with no real opportunities to talk involved...I'm just tired of the back and forth.

My therapist says that we should think about the meaning of my finding a relationship with someone who finds my very basic needs to be too much to deal with. It seems to be my personal mythology that I will live a life in which my needs won't be met. But at least, for the first time since April, I'm being really clear about them.

I think that may be why, in the past week, I've felt more clear headed than I have in months.

SS is off this weekend to Reno to do an awesome hiking adventure where there will be performance artists along the 2 1/2 mile trail. She's also going to see the balloon races, which all three of us attended last year.

She's been awesome in all this...calling me back as she's in the middle of 5150-ing a client to deal with me in tears! She came out of the psych emergency place yesterday to find that her car had become part of a crime scene!

Also, fabulousness resides in HippyChick and ExecutiveDirector. They are amazing women who I am privileged to have as friends.

Despite the chaos being brought in my life by this man...I am a very lucky woman.


Cody Bones said...

Chaos=Man. Sorry Spins, but it's all I got this morning. Oh wait

Kaos --- Siegfried always yelling "Schmaart"

Get Smart, the enemy organization was called Kaos, remember???

JUst trying to lighten things up

spinsterwitch said...

It worked...I giggled.