Sunday, September 14, 2008

Things I don't understand

First, how does anyone rate There Will Be Blood as a movie up there with the best movies of all times? I agree that Daniel Day-Lewis did a marvelous job (unless he, the actor, is a raging borderline with anti-social traits), but that doesn't mean that the movie was in any way good. The plot was scattered and chaotic. Even "normal" people were portrayed as a bit off. I could predict what was going to happen during some of the more "dramatic" moments of the film. And the film score was distracting and jarring. I had to wonder, at times, if the people who created the Dolby sound system (you know, the one that makes the buzzing sound that grows louder to demonstrate itself) were going to sue the person who wrote the soundtrack for stealing their sound.

I've never read Upton Sinclair's book, so I can't speak to that entirely, but I daresay that it is probably a more compelling read.

Second, what the hell is Applied Kinesiology? I found a nutritionist who is not going to try to make me lose weight, or sees my weight as a hindrance to me feeling better. She also happens to be a woman who I met at Pantheacon this year. I didn't remember her until she reminded me. Of course, my life has been a tad bit chaotic since's hard to believe that was just over 6 months ago.

But before I was able to see her, I had to meet with the chiropractor in whose office she works. He did a bunch of Applied Kinesiological testing on me. I had a patient at work once, a man who was slightly more than psychotic, and he used to do his own AK. So, you will understand why it seems a little suspicious to me. And the outcome? I have yeast and mold sensitivity (well the mold is right)...I've been under a lot of stress and my adrenals are shot (well, yes I told you that I was having a flare up of IBS because of stress)...I have some anger issues (that's a pretty safe bet for most women, given that it's not "appropriate" for us to express anger)...And I have mother issues (well, I suppose, but I also have father issues...and I really have sister issues).

I just wanted to do some basic nutrition stuff and maybe have a couple of tests done to check for good and bad flora and fauna. I finally got to see the woman I had my appointment with and she gave me food records to fill out. This brought up a lot of issues, even if I am not going to be judged by what I've eaten. I hadn't realized how charged this was for me.


Cody Bones said...

Applied Kinesiology=fortune telling. Be as vague as possible, and someone will see the connection

Hyde said...

A friend of mine was talking to me about the yeast thing recently-- about how it happens when we are too acidic and we should aim to be alkaline. I feel like I want to do something to feel more energy, and vitality and eat more veggies, etc. If you learn anything interesting, let us know!!