Monday, October 27, 2008


I sometimes feel like I live in an alternative universe in which the things that strike me as important somehow get "disappeared" by the rest of society.

When I was driving to work today, I heard the news on NPR that the US had sent a team of military into Syria to attack some building complex. Our government isn't even trying to deny it. But then again why should they?!

Because when I got to work and opened up SF Gate, the headlining story was about Jennifer Hudson's tragedy. You and I can agree that this is a tragedy, yes, but does this rate on the same level as an international incident?

Does it even, I wonder, really trump the tragedy of neighborhoods in Oakland or Richmond or SF that are riddled with violence? Perhaps this will bring home the effects of violence to some not accustomed to it, but there are such tragedies happening weekly where I live.

I guess I'm just fed up with the fact that Ashlee Simpson's rant about the paparazzi gets more play than our government's continued inability to make a wise move in regards to international relationships (because it's not just Syria who's pissed about this).


M Kane said...

Sometime in the seventies we lost trust in our governemnt. Now we hold them in such low esteem they don't even try to explain themselves or ly to cover up their descrepincies.

Why do we not care about the world as a whole? Why do we only care about our little niche? I have been trying to figure that one out for a while now.

Hybrid Hopes said...

I'm kind of terrified for the future.