Monday, January 26, 2009

Gone to the dogs

Yesterday, I went with S to the Golden Gate Kennel Association Dog Show. There was much dog love in my heart. I got to see Borzois, Irish Wolfhounds, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Aussies...well, you name it and it was there.

We watched an agiility demonstration and some of the judging. S & I debated the relative possibilities that wolves are actually descended from Beagles. We had a lovely time.

SS is not having such a lovely time these days, and I think that my attempts to talk to her about it are probably not helping. We are not in the same place, she and I, with our relationship issues with S, and I think this is hard. It sometimes feels very awkward for me.

What's my stance? I love this man. He is flawed and commitment phobic. He is not always what I want at the time that I want it. But, for the moment, this is where I want to be.

After recovering from the hellish virus I've had for the past month, I am now reveling in having a body that doesn't feel sick all the time. I'm not nauseous. I have more energy. I have more interest in life it feels like. I want to rest in all of that for the moment before taking on any new drama.

Not much more to say. Pantheacon's schedule just went up on the web, and I'm getting excited about that. Yay!

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Aravis said...

I'm always so impressed by the agility trials... amazing!

It's hard when you're not in the same place with a friend.

Glad that you're feeling better, though!