Monday, February 02, 2009

The dreaded Facebook

It has sucked me in. Mostly, the application "Pet Society" has sucked me in, and I'm addicted.

I'm doing okay though. Work is going through a rocky patch. Part of that has to do with the fact that I'm applying for another job. It's a counseling position at a community college. I'd also be doing some teaching. If I get it.

I'm concentrating my positive mental energies on getting the interview, that way I can find out more and figure out if I really want the job.

I feel good. No colds, my allergies are present but not debilitating, no nausea. I have energy. I can think clearly. Yay!

My relationship is much the same - kind of floating along. I love him, and I'd love to stay with him forever...but I don't know that I will ever get all the things I want in a relationship from him. But I'm going to give it some time.

I might be going to Witch Camp this coming summer. I'm really excited about the prospect. We'll see what my finances have to say about it all though. I have some major "recommendations" to address about my car. I've got to keep the baby healthy now that she's all paid off.

Well, then. I spent a stressful day at work preparing for a presentation on Wednesday and feeling like I'm not doing enough as a social worker (which is funny because if our industry only followed caseload recommendations from the NKF, I might not feel like I can't get everything done). I'm going to indulge in mindless pursuits for the rest of the evening.


Agent Orange said...

Facebook is like an insidious disease. It's all well & good to start with but in no time at all you'll be fending off friend requests from either people you don't know at all or people you have never, ever liked.
I got clean recently & feel all the better for it.

Aravis said...

I so hope that the interview works out! I think that you'd make an excellent counselor.

Witch camp sounds interesting. Have you done it before?

Aravis said...

How deeply has it sucked you in? Missing you here.