Monday, February 16, 2009

Pantheacon, Days 3 & 4

I think I burned myself out on the first 2 days. Sunday, I just wilted. I went to a 9 a.m. workshop when I had initially thought I would sleep in. That was probably my mistake.

The workshop was an herbal workshop. Some of it was frustrating because I am concerned, sometimes, that people are not really careful when working with herbs and don't educate themselves about contraindications or drug interactions.

I skipped the next workshop and wandered the vendor room. I bought a beautiful tarot deck and a book on urban paganism. Then I went to get some lunch...I ate at the hotel restaurant because I really needed meat.

I then decided not to go to a Freyja ritual, and went to a workshop on trees. But about 20 minutes in, I was falling asleep. So I headed back to my hotel room and there I stayed for the rest of the evening. It was so needed.

This morning, I went to a workshop entitled Reiki for Everyday. It was a horrible workshop. I learned very little about Reiki...and what I did learn felt like it was coaxed out of the instructor. It was as though she had such an intuitive grasp of it that she was unable to really articulate what it actually was.

I left that one early, too.

But then, I went to the workshop I'd been looking forward to for the whole weekend: Divine Embodiment with Ivo Dominguez. I love him. He is a teacher and an active pagan on the east coast. I've been to different things on his land and that he has attended. This is the first class I've attended, but it was awesome.

What I liked is that he could articulate things, and if you didn't get it with his first example, he would re-explain with a different example. I wish I could have done an intensive with him.

I saw a few folks on the way out to hug and wish well, then I drove home.

Now I am here (with my gluten-free donuts!), enjoying an evening of relaxation...because I also took Tuesday off. Yay!


Aravis said...

I'm surprised you skipped the Freyja ritual. That Divine Embodiment sounds really interesting, though.

spinsterwitch said...

I went round and round with myself about the Freyja ritual, but I was just tired and needing a break.

It was a good decision.