Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bang, bang, bang

That's the noise that results, several times a day, when my head hits my desk.

I don't think that I have anyone that reads my blog who is a co-worker (or "teammate" as is the language of the "village"), and if there is please turn off your work filters for a moment.

Things feel like they are really chaotic around here recently. People are yelling at each other. There are miscommunications. Patients are in a tizzy.

And the chaos has been making me angry. This is crazy-making. I just spent a nice period of time letting someone vent who is generally the soul of understanding. It's frustrating that she feels so unsupported. Ack!

Okay, gotta go, more work.


Aravis said...

That sounds horrible! That is supposed to be a healing environment, but it seems anything but at the moment.

Hang in there.

Aravis said...

Are you out there, or has work finally finished you off?