Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm amazed at people sometimes.

I am a part of a website called Paperback Book Swap. It's great for us book junkies. You list the books you want to get rid of and you search for books you want to get. You pay postage for the books you send to other people, but otherwise the service is (currently) free.

There is a function that allows people, when they request a book, to put conditions on the request. Many of these are quite reasonable and normal...a child has allergies, so please no musty smelling books (which might actually have mold). Or no books from smoking homes, etc.

But I accepted a book request from someone who was quite specific about the condition that she wanted the book sent to her rips or folded pages. No underlining or highlighting. The cover should not be ripped in any way. And more. I didn't read them all...the book I'm sending is in new condition, but I was annoyed by all the conditions. This is a secondhand book swap (or 3rd or 4th). You are getting, essentially, what you pay for...and if you want to be picky, then you may want to swing the extra money for a pristine copy.

My therapist would probably say that I'm annoyed because this person is being picky when I don't feel I get to be. Damn straight!


s'hen said...

As someone who isn't a therapist, I would suggest you're angry because you probably realise that this person is on-selling the books on Amazon, and not using the site in the spirit it was intended.
And that's something I think you are allowed to be angry about :)

Cody Bones said...

Sometimes therapists can overly complicate things. Annoying people are annoying people. End of Story

Aravis said...

Yes, well, that person sounds supremely annoying. I don't blame you!