Friday, September 18, 2009

Perfect Storm...

So I finally got to see my allergist who diagnosed and put me on meds for the sinus infection.

Then a new symptom developed...a sore throat. I thought I was getting strep, but it turns out that the soreness and the white spots at the back of my throat are probably thrush (especially as, after just one dose, the medication for it has resulted in a disappearance of the white spots).

Upon doing some investigation, it seems that I was running straight toward this overgrowth. Celiac disease, especially when you get glutened, can predispose can an illness (like a sinus infection) and inhaled steroids (like the stuff I take for my allergies and started increasing as a way to deal with my allergies). Then, when my doc prescribed prednisone along with the antibiotic, I think my body just threw up its hands and let the yeast move in.

So it hurts to swallow, but I'm already getting treatment.

In the meantime, this is a huge red flag to me. I need to start doing some things to improve my overall health. And this means committing time to it: cooking at home and not taking the chance of getting glutened...being better at cleaning so I'm sure there's not a lot of extra alternaria, the mold I'm allergic to, around...and getting an air purifier. And walking...yes, walking and swimming when I'm feeling better.

'Cause I want to reduce the possibility that this will happen again.


Hippie Chick said...

ugh ugh ugh - you poor thing! hope your body will re-regulate again soon. let me know if you need anything...haven't called because I know talking is not helpful so email or fb or text if you need something! hope B is taking good care of you in your time of need :)
luv and oxox to you!

Aravis said...

Horrible! Good to hear that the medicine started working right away, but still. You're not feeling well. :0(

It sounds like a little bit of a hassle but if taking better care to reduce allergens, it's probably worth it.