Monday, June 13, 2005

Home sick

I'm staying home today with the beginnings of a cold. I'm really going to want to be home tomorrow, but have work stuff that demands my presence tomorrow. So I'll try to get all my sleeping in today.

Just a few reflections on the weekend. I went to see Lords of Dogtown on Friday night with Hippy Chick and BeeDragon. It went off! Of course, I loved Dogtown and the ZBoys, so I wasn't too surprised that I loved this. I'm also finishing off the 2nd season of Oz. It seems like I'm surrounding myself with testosterone this weekend.

Saturday, I got a call from a friend in MN who is going through a divorce - then spent Sunday afternoon in SF with another friend who just go married. It was a little surreal, especially balancing that will all of my own relational ups and downs.

This morning, I was out watering the yard at the Retreat and saw the most amazing thing...there is a flowering tree that has managed to grow up between the inch of space that separates the privacy fence in the Retreat's backyard from the neighbors fence. It seemed like such a hopeful thing that somehow life always finds a way.

The other amazing thing that I noticed this weekend - butterflies are everywhere right now. Maybe because of where I'm staying (there aren't many flowering plants in my hood) I'm seeing more of them than I am used to...still they are beautiful.

I got the new Weezer, if only I could get the Retreat's CD player to work, I'd be golden.

I'm off to finish Oz, take a jacuzzi bath and sleep the afternoon away.


Ka said...

Feel better soon, darling!

And here's to being a woman who watched Oz when she's feeling low. That's brilliant.

the urban fox said...

Hope you feel better soon, Spins.