Monday, June 27, 2005

Oh, my!

Already getting responses to my ad...this is the 2nd one that came through:

"How about spanking, bondage, power exchange, discipline and the like?"

Did this person read the right poem?! I guess it did referrence cages...

It just makes me giggle.


Calia77 said...

Why do they do that? Even on Christian dating sites you get the weirdest, inappropriate responses... Still, it gives me something good to blog about! And you too, by the sounds of things! ;-)

Lord Bargain said...

you don't want to go to a power exchange, you might get electrocuted or something.



writinginAK said...

my hockey-playing partner and I, as people who know folks who can, shall we say, find their way around a dungeon, read the poem on your ad, and my beloved did note that there was a lot of "power language" in the poem. While not explicit, someone looking for that, um, special something, may have figured it was worth a shot at asking the question.

btw, we also like your tat! I like it better once I looked at the photo big enough to actually *see* it! And the hockey player I live with likes it a lot too ... did you ever see hers? probably not... maybe one day I'll get one. We'll see.

be well! Good luck with the dating, don't get all tied up in knots over it... (sorry! that was a bad pun! I couldn't resist!)

spinsterwitch said...

I suppose it is true - there is a lot of power language in there. I just had never thought of the poem in those terms before.