Monday, June 06, 2005

Random weekend stuff

Movie viewing for the weekend...The Mother - a British film that was quite good. And the first season of Oz.

I'm housesitting right now for a friend with a sweet kitty and I spent yesterday afternoon in her backyard with kitty reading and enjoying the sun and the wind. Her house is in a nice residential neighborhood...nicer than one I've lived in since I moved away from Minneapolis 12 years ago. It's like a little retreat from my urban existance. And I'm getting paid to do it! Woohoo!

I've decided to go ahead and have my tattoo done. So I called and made an appointment with an artist at Black & Blue Tattoo in SF for wednesday for a consultation. I'm very excited about this, and hopeful that I will be able to have it inked this weekend.

I went to the library on Sunday to get some new books, and - SCORE! - there was a book of erotic fiction (short stories) in the paperback fiction section. And it's not just trash, it's actually good writing. Not often you find something like that in the public library.

Enough randomness today....I think I've finally recovered from a lovely situation I walked into at work today to actually work. I just have to say this - I don't know what I was thinking, somedays, when I decided to become a social worker.


Flash said...

I don't know if you knew this but I've been seriously considering social work as my future career direction.
Would you recommend it?

the urban fox said...

I keep meaning to see The Mother, that reminds me.

spinsterwitch said...

Flash - SW can be great (when things go really well) or it can suck (like today). You have to be really able to leave shit at work and know that you can't always change people. It also depends on the type of social work. I, personally, could never work in child protection. E-mail me if you have more specific questions...I know the UK always has lot's of postings.