Friday, July 08, 2005

"I got some money 'cause I just got paid"

Really the post has nothing to do with the title...I thought about titling it "Doh!"

I haven't really been paying attention to my Yahoo! personals account for awhile. I set it up when I was just searching for women, and my focus changed in recent months. But tonight, I checked out the e-mail that Yahoo! sent me and clicked on my mailbox. I completely missed out on 2 women who e-mailed me in March and April and now have deleted their profiles. F**K!

What sucks about Yahoo! is that in order to respond in any way to a posting, you have to pay. I'm saving all my money right now for setting up my private practice in a couple months, so I'd have to pay with credit and that just sucks. (I guess that does, in some twisted way, relate to the title...I have money, but I can't spend it. How effing ironic is that?!)

Do you notice that I'm trying not to swear in this post...It must be because I had to act the school-marm today at the dialysis center. Girl'sGirl, an RN at our clinic, asked me to speak with one of the pt's about his cursing today. I went out and asked him to keep it clean in the clinic...and had the lovely experience of walking away while he and his friends erupted in juvenile laughter. I am so not the school-marm! Although sometimes I dress like one.

Re: being in heat...apparently it hasn't gone away, it just had a few stealth moments this a.m. and now it's back in force. If this is what it is like to be a man...I ask all you men out there, how do you get on? And really, it makes Friday nights at home completely s**t.

I'm thinking of splurging and buying tickets to the White Stripes concert in August. I wonder what's more or getting dates/getting laid?


Le moine perdu said...

White Stripes, eh? My take on them in concert: disappointingly self-indulgent, but worth it anyway.

Spend it. You can't take it with you :)

Aravis said...

Go to the concert and find a date/get laid with someone there. *G*

Flash said...

MY take on the stripes: A blistering almost religious experience.
Music is much more important & less stressful. When did Green Day have a hissy fit with me because I chose to spend my evening in the company of coldplay???
As for being a man... I just amuse myself, a lot!