Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"Out of body and out of mind, kiss the demons out of my dreams"

I have furniture, a rug, a plant and a working phone. What more do I need?

Yes, yes...a business license, cards that actually reflect the correct zip code, and malpractice insurance are all very important details...but somehow the phone and the furniture are making me feel so much more calm. I guess I'm just a very simple girl.

And that's all for now head feels empty for the first time in awhile, and I don't feel any desire to fill it with something just to write my blog.

P.S. I think I just might be allergic to figs! Damn!


P'tit-Loup said...

Allergic to figs? What a shame that would be; hopefully, you just overdosed!

Congratulations on the decor of your new office. That is the best start to make clients comfy. I know, I have the ugliest room to use. Well actually, our old office was the ugliest!

Bee said...

Good luck in your new office!

Allergic to figs? Damn! The only things I appear to be allergic to are certain kinds of soap. I used the soap in a hotel I stayed in at the weekend and it brought my arms out in horrible red itchy lumps. Ew.

Carol Gee said...

Best wishes in your new digs. I hope that you become comfortable before long. During my first internship I was given an office at the back where file boxes and the extra bottled water were stored. The desk and chairs for sessions took up 10% of the space, if that gives you the picture. I told my mentally ill clients that our first task would be to visualize the office as a safe place to be. (I was really a newbie back then). But I did learn a lot there about the therapeutic alliance, and putting first things first.

Lord Bargain said...

phone. check. plant. check. furniture. check.

what else do I need?


[ponders for ages]

A rug!

(a rug? eh?)

spinsterwitch said...

Lord B - if you saw the flooring, you'd realize how essential the rug is! Some things just cannot be tolerated.

spinsterwitch said...

Update: The insurance is a go! I am taking a long lunch to deal with the business license, and really the business cards are somewhat of a minor detail.

The rest can wait until after San Diego, thank you very much!

LavaLady said...

No, not FIGS!!!

I need to explore fresh figs. I've never had one.

Go you, btw, on your biz stuff.

Relax and enjoy the peaceful mind.

Anonymous said...

And further update: Business license gotten...I even was able to score movie-parking outside the Albany City Hall (wherein our heroine drives up to a busy building and gets parking right in front of the door...I suppose it's a little stretch to call the Albany City Hall a busy building, but still).

Anonymous said...

K-CONGRATS!!!!!! I know you have been working towards this for a long time. Now all you need is your own shingle to hang outside!


the urban fox said...

That's excellent news, Spinny! Yay.