Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"The answer is blowin' in the wind"

I feel all scattered today. I know I'm tired (mostly because it's the afternoon and I'm always tired in the afternoon), but there's something else at work here. Even driving, I felt like I was having a hard time focusing today. So I'll just present some randomness today.

First, Baghdad Burning is back up and running. I've referred to this blog before - I find it a powerful perspective. The other site of the day for me is this one I found on Lava Lady's blog. I had a good time plugging everyone's html in and seeing what grew.

I suddenly find that I'm hungry...hmmm...

So the other randomness about the day - I saw the very familiar bumper sticker "My karma ran over my dogma" today and it just made me giggle. It usually doesn't.

Clearly, I'm just too silly to be of any good today. Someone send me home!


Hyde said...

I've never seen that bumper sticker. Maybe it's an East Coast-West Coast thing!

spinsterwitch said...

It's definitely popular out here.

Carol Gee said...

I, too was so relieved at Reverbend's return. I have her blog in my favorites column, and have dutifully gone by most every day and checked to see if she is home. I agree that her perspective is unique, and I care about her well-being. Your blog is also in that list. There are so few of us SOWK/therapist/counselor types blogging that your words are of special interest.

Lord Bargain said...

randomness rules.





[lies down under doctors instruction]

Flash said...

Silly is rarely a bad thing, eh?