Monday, October 03, 2005

"And I seen you in the window at the Goodwill store"

Who knew that Jewel had a song about Goodwill stores. Perfect for this post.

I did go to Goodwill, although I admit that I find their prices to be a little high for clothes, but still it's cheaper than new (and often just as good). It was a good time, but I admit, I wasn't as into it as I'd anticipated. I kind of crunched it in between going to see Serenity and running some errands before an evening event I had to get to. So I wasn't as fully present to my thrift store blow-out as I would have liked to be.

Before I show you the results of the shopping trip, here's the picture of that landscape I bought last week at the church bazaar (most of the photos are pretty blurry...sorry about that):

I also got a print today...not quite in the same style, but I have a lot of empty wall space in my house:

And now on to the clothes...first the sweater (this was my favorite buy):

Then there is the fleece...this seems like a nice work-casual thing for autumn and winter:

Then the multi-colored linen shirt...I'm not sure what I will be wearing this with, but it should be another good work piece:

I also got another frame for one of my paintings (and it was brand new - not even out of it's original box). All that shopping for under $25! Even at Goodwill.

One blogger is on holiday this week visiting another blogger, and I am very jealous. But another blogger has left hints that today may be the ending of his blog-break, which was hopefully productive and lyrical.


Aravis said...

The sweater is my favorite too, though the fleece will look especially lovely on you with your coloring. Despite your lack of time, it looks like a successful shopping trip! :0)

the urban fox said...

I can seeeeee yooooooou (in the 2nd pic).

Sounds like just the retail therapy you needed, Spin. Bonanza!

spinsterwitch said...

Fox - I can kind of see me in the first, too, but the second is more clear. You can even make out the camera. I'm glad it didn't reflect the mess of a bedroom behind me!

Flash said...

Yup, this blogger is back!
Missed you!

spinsterwitch said...

Flash - I said it on your blog, but it deserves repeating: Yay!

LavaLady said...

I need a good thrift shop trip. Neat prints!

red one said...

Have you got a spare bit of wall near a doorway and just over some drawers where you can hang pic No.2?


thephoenixnyc said...

I love picking up stuff at Goodwill.

But yiou are right, their prices have gone up a lot the last few years.

Fred said...

Nice job. Will you shop for me?

spinsterwitch said...

Oooo! A personal thrift store shopper. That's a job I could love. I wonder how I'd get funding.

Moose said...

Wow. Why can't I find deals like that?

P'tit-Loup said...

Moose, I'm with you, I can never find much worthwhile at the thrift shop anymore. But I admit the fuzzy fleece wins it for me! Looks all cozy and comfy. Good job spinsterwitch.